Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We have children's Bible study available for your kiddos now, and there are more options to come. The classes start at 10:00am every Sunday.

When it comes to the worship gathering, we want your kids in church with us! We know that many churches have a separate children’s church, but that is not our heart for you or your family. Church is meant for family! Church, unlike so many other things, is an experience specially designed for the generations. The worship service is a place for generations to gather with one heart, one mind, and one expectation: to encounter the Almighty God!
So, children in church? Of course! Where else would we want them? Children are a gift from God and a blessing to those around you. So, come on in, bring the kids with you, and please relax and enjoy your time here. We know that children tend to wiggle and giggle a bit and sometimes get fidgety, but that is 100% okay with us! Each Sunday your child may pick up a pew activity pouch just inside the sanctuary doors. Please return these after the service. Encourage them to listen for key words, do the puzzles, color, or whatever. Trust me – they are listening just as intently as anyone else!
This might surprise you, but sit close to the front where your child can be closer to the action. Let them sit and play on the floor in front of you. Encourage them to stand/sit when appropriate, say "Amen" and "Hallelujah” or whatever they want to say, and generally help them be a part of the service. The church belongs to them, too!
If your child or infant begins to cry, please don’t leave! In fact, come closer to the front. From the bottom of my heart, one of the sweetest sounds we can ever hear in church is that of a child. If you have to leave, hurry back! Jesus wants the children here and we do too. If you need help, just ask. There are many here who are willing to lend you a hand. ~Pastor Michael

Sunday Mornings

Bible Study - 10:00am-10:50am

Age-appropriate Bible study with interactive media, crafts, and songs to help your child grow in Christ!

Worship Gathering 11:00am-12:15pm

Your kids will love church! Sit close to the front (this is where the action is) and Pastor Michael makes it a point to engage the generations.

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