what should I expect?


It's easier than you think...

Just like you, we know there is something about all this that has to make sense. We feel it. We believe it. We are not perfect - far from it - and we don't try to be. We just want to gather in a safe place to worship, learn, grow, and maybe - just maybe - find that "thing" that is missing. When you arrive, you will be among family who need God's forgiveness and grace in Jesus. You are invited and encouraged to participate as little or as much as you want, the way you want. When we sing, some stand and others sit – do what you want. Some people raise their hands, others don’t. Again, do as you feel led. Some people say “Amen” or "Hallelujah” during the message – join in if that’s you – your call. We are just glad you are coming and hope you feel the presence of the Lord!

Who is CBC?

Community Bible Church of Weir, Texas is a place where people can meet Jesus,  engage in life-giving community, and where everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, find community with their neighbors, discover their gifts, and use them for God's glory. We have people from all generations, all walks of life, different backgrounds and experiences, and a wide variety of church and faith backgrounds - all are welcome! 

What Kind of Church is CBC?

Great question! We are a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible preaching, Bible living church. We are a Great Commandment, Great Commission church that seeks to share the authentic love of Jesus with anyone and everyone.  We do not claim any denomination affiliations, and we support and align with other organizations with like beliefs.

For a little more info, click here to check out our "What We Believe" page.

What Should I Wear?

Simple answer: something. Please don't worry about what you'll wear to church - we certainly don't. We want this to be a stress-free time for you, and the last thing you should worry about is what to wear - save that for some other thing.  Once you walk in the doors, you'll see people in all kinds of clothes.  Shorts and flip flops are as common as suits and dresses, and you'll see both and everything in between. The one thing we all wear is a smile - can't wait to see yours!

What To Expect

When you walk in, you will instantly feel the friendliness and warmness of the people. Smiles are everywhere,  as are people who will help you find the coffee, the nursery, and anything else you might need.  Grab a cup of coffee, some water, or a juice box from the table to the left and come on in. If you need a Bible, you'll find them everywhere. And feel free to keep it - that's why we have them. Actually, take a couple and maybe give one to a friend, a classmate, a co-worker, or some random guy on the sidewalk. 

A typical service will last an hour or so - sometimes a little more if Pastor Michael gets wound up, but trust us - time flies! In most services, we sing a few hymns, maybe a contemporary song or two, we pray, and then Pastor Michael brings the Word. If you have a question, just ask - that's what we're here for.

What About My Kids?

This is from Pastor Michael:
We want your kiddos in church! I know that many churches have a separate children’s church, but that is not our heart for you or your family. Church is meant for family! Church, unlike so many other things, is an experience specially designed for the generations. The worship service is a place for generations to gather with one heart, one mind, and one expectation: to encounter the Almighty God!
We certainly believe there is a place for age-specific Bible study, and that is available to your kiddos now. But the worship service holds something different: it is where children learn about “doing church” and learn to love the experience of a group of people growing closer Jesus together.
So, children in church? Of course! Where else would we want them? Children are a gift from God and a blessing to those around you. So, come on in, bring the kids with you, and please relax and enjoy your time here. We know that children tend to wiggle and giggle a bit and sometimes get fidgety, but that is 100% okay with us! Each Sunday your child may pick up a pew activity pouch just inside the sanctuary doors. Please return these after the service. Encourage them to listen for key words, do the puzzles, color, or whatever. Trust me – they are listening just as intently as anyone else!
This might surprise you, but sit close to the front where your child can be closer to the action. Let them sit and play on the floor in front of you - you can even bring a blanket or a play rug for them. Encourage them to stand/sit when appropriate, say "Amen" and "Hallelujah” or whatever they want to say, and generally help them be a part of the service. The church belongs to them, too!
If your child or infant begins to cry, please don’t leave! In fact, come closer to the front. From the bottom of my heart, one of the sweetest sounds we can ever hear in church is that of a child. If you have to leave, hurry back! Jesus wants the children here and we do too. If you need help, just ask. There are many here who are willing to lend you a hand.
~Pastor Michael

After Church

 We hope you will hang around around after the service.
You'll notice no one rushes to leave - people enjoy hanging out and visiting, and we hope you will do just that. Pastor Michael will want to meet you, and he is always  in the mix after church talking and visiting. We'd also love to get to know you so you're a familiar face the next time you come.

Plan your visit

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When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

Bible Study (all ages) 9:30 am
Worship Gathering 11:00 am